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Akkuwechsel, Backcover austauschen, Displayreparatur, Home Button, Kamera, Ladebuchse, Lautsprecher, Mikrofon, Powerbutton, Software diagnose


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  298. fredredn

    Corel PaintShop Pro offered an introductory price of 69,95€.









    6add127376 fredredn

  299. frotamy

    starts once the trial run is over.
    System Requirements: Windows XP Home Edition SP2

    IIR is a small utility which implements the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) for
    plenty of inputs such as live audio streams, time stretched signal, EEG
    signals, samples from sound card, etc.
    IIR was written because it does not exist any alternative program
    to do it. In fact we like to test the sound system with a Real

    6add127376 frotamy

  300. gergys

    Antivirus Properties

    Antivirus Properties

    The Antivirus Properties is a wizard-style tool provided for configuring your virus or anti-virus software. All kinds of applications can be installed by using this utility.

    One of the most common tasks carried out with this utility is installing the right antivirus programs and the proper settings for the applications. The utility is easy to use and allows you to select the applications and features you want without the need of being supported by a technician.

    This program is designed to support users with different antivirus applications in a friendly and easy to use manner.

    6add127376 gergys

  301. iolaleev

    Schema for Zoho People

    The ODBC Driver for Zoho People can be embedded into ODBC environments. In such an operational setup, however, the connection is established with a remote administrator of the access credentials, i.e. a username and password. Therefore, users are unable to manually connect, without the intervention of the aforementioned administrator, unless the ability to access over ODBC is enabled.

    Configuration Basics

    Records can be inserted/updated through:

    6add127376 iolaleev

  302. manord


    How to convert String into Byte in java

    I have a DB row
    private final String DESCRIPTION = „My Description :P“;

    If I want to save it to a DB I’m using this :
    public void save(Context context, MyModel myModel) throws SQLException
    Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection(„jdbc:mysql://localhost/sweetie“,“root“,“pass“);

    6add127376 manord

  303. wayuhyl


    What’s new in recent updates?

    The latest version of SEO Promoter added several new features:

    Add Autopilot domain to the section domains: you can add any domain you like. I added a lot of domains and web directories with the best profile pages and it doesn’t cost much.

    The link preview: you can now simply check link status and consider submitting the domain if link is no longer valid.“Democrat“ John McD

    6add127376 wayuhyl

  304. jalelaz

    ■ Compress executables, archives, „stub“ documents, Microsoft Access.mdf databases, etc., whenever you like. Ideal for home-users doing development or for automating tedious file compression tasks.
    ■ Compress files without having to shut down IIS and the ASP script. Ideal for enterprises without a dedicated „file server“.
    ■ Allow customers to collect multiple collection files in one single action. Ideal for more rapid consolidation.

    6add127376 jalelaz

  305. gerhump

    Because of this, you can use WRF Domain Wizard with any WRF data products that include WPS files (WRF3.x-7.x) or you can run the metgrid, ungrib, and geoprid programs as ‚interpreted‘ programs. These free programs are called WRF Preprocessing Programs since they are called programs and you can use them to run the NWP’s.
    WRF Domain Wizard keeps all of its information in the NetCDF files.

    6add127376 gerhump

  306. solfur


    (None of the ideas found on this blog have been used for drawing the picture with primitive.nextgen)


    Try it yourself with the Live Editor

    You’re more than welcome to give primitive.nextgen a try right

    6add127376 solfur

  307. zayvnapo

    ※ [ Function ]
    1. No influence on desktop
    √ Calculate prayer times
    √ Display prayer times in the main window and on the tabs
    √ Display prayer times according to the current time or according to a time in the future
    √ Display prayer times according to the Hijri calendar
    √ Display the prayer times for the current day and the next year in the main window
    √ Display prayer times for the current day and the days in the

    6add127376 zayvnapo

  308. valcalb

    Once you’re finished, you’ll be ready to enhance your application’s GUI with a string-based variant of the icon.
    The source comes as a set of 1280×1024 PNG icons. The PNG icons exceed Android standard dimensions, so conversion into a twelve pixel-grid will be required before being used by the application.
    To use the icons in your project, copy the files you wish to use to the res/drawable/android directory and replace the missing icons as desired.

    6add127376 valcalb

  309. aurzymr

    For instance, you could use it to replace most of the shortcut icons for Amiga memory stick, My Amiga harddrive, Amiga CD-ROMs, Disk Manager etc and your Amiga Launcher, Control Panel and My Amiga with their packed original icons. Use all the icons with ease and your Amiga system will be more impressive with its original icons. The file is HTML-based, so you can easily edit it to replace the icons you need with your own icons.

    6add127376 aurzymr

  310. calsala

    – „Post silence duration“ is the time duration between the end of a tone and the start of the next following tone. It’s measured in seconds.
    Forward delay: [0 – 10 seconds, default 0]
    Reverse delay: [0 – 10 seconds, default 0]
    Predelay: [0 – 3 seconds, default 0.2]
    Delay before first tone: [0 – 3 seconds, default 0.2] – Buffer the repetitive ring before the first tone for a delay this long.
    Delay between tones: [0 – 1 second, default 0.025]
    Delay between

    6add127376 calsala

  311. glereyg

    2018 Christmas ParadeKingdom War III

    Now that Christmas decorations are up on the buildings and stores, Kingdom War III draws near to its 25th anniversary. The developers are planning to celebrate by throwing away a huge number of holiday gifts for the players, stocking up their game with lots of new features and adding more equipment to Kingdom War III. In a small update, the developers have added a Bronze Swag Crate to the Store. Other changes and fixes are in the works, so make

    6add127376 glereyg

  312. winshan

    Then, both needs to individually copy and paste the file names in the ‚File Name:’field and ‚Destination:’field.
    And voilà!

    The image above is an example of how to use SRF.
    First, the sender must go to a very simple terminal and install the program

    and use the command

    which will start the remote procedure viewer.
    And the user of the receiver must manually type the following:

    And then,

    6add127376 winshan

  313. feliant

    FxDiary automatically inputs contacts information with email, name, phone number, and address to the database when you open the application.
    If you prefer to write on your own than any of these features is for you. I think FxDiary is pretty awesome and makes you time more productive.. Enjoy. 

    Version History
    1.0.0 – First release

    See below for download links and more info. 

    Credits & Thank You

    6add127376 feliant

  314. garcat

    It does not require Delphi 7 or Delphi 2010.
    This package is compatible with Delphi 7, Delphi 2002 and 2010.

    With this software you can configure Delphi 2010 Multicurve components without spending a lot of time.

    Interested in how the example was created and more? Watch this video.
    The Multicurve components currently consists of two components. One for measurement and one for calibration. The package is downloaded from SourceForge. It does not require

    6add127376 garcat

  315. jammarj

    This software can clean all types of files. It can clear all internet cookies and temporary internet files. Except your own files, and other people’s files are cleaned automatically. As well as you can also set the specificity of the erasure. This utility a…

    VBL Analyzer 3 is a program for issuing VBL analyzer for volumes – first generation of the VBL Analyzer tool for volumes. Analysis is performed in a sequential way, i.e. starting from the first segment

    6add127376 jammarj

  316. sertadl

    You can…Ring-shaped dioxygen cage complexes of ruthenium bearing unsaturated phosphane ligands: a ligand influence on the O(2) activation mode and self-assembly properties.
    Three new dioxygen cage-complexes [RuCl((μ-Pr(t)P)(2)N-2,2′-B-(1,2,3,4-tetrakis(diphenylphosphino)t

    6add127376 sertadl

  317. domseag

    -Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1
    With NetDVD you can share your DVD drive with other computers on your network. NetDVD allows you to play DVD movies, audio CDs, games and install applications on a netbook, laptop or desktop PC that has no CD or DVD drive and to burn CDs/DVDs on a netbook, laptop or desktop PC that has no CD/DVD writer.
    NetDVD adds a virtual DVD drive to your Windows

    6add127376 domseag

  318. tamodde

    Furthermore, you can work on the same server while checking the compatibility of your CPU by running multiple tasks simultaneously. The tool works with the Windows 7, Windows 2008, and Windows 2008 Server.

    This tool checks CPU information, including the number of bus, memory and L2 cache, etc. on multiple cores.
    For example, the functions below are used to check the compatibility of the CPU core:

    Detects the virtualization technology.
    Calculates the number of CPUs.

    6add127376 tamodde

  319. paswak

    # Use

    The simplest use of the application is to point the mouse arrow at the screen and watch it spin. Use this as a help screen also. The fields can be re-arranged to allow windows, drop-down menus and a scroll bar to be added if desired.

    6add127376 paswak

  320. halybena

    ■ Flash Player 7.0 or later
    ■ Pop-up Blocker plug-in
    ■ JavaScript (or any other scripting engine that supports click actions)
    ■ A browser with Javascript support.
    Dice Widget is tested with Google’s Chrome, Internet Explorer 5, Firefox 3.5, Opera 8, Safari 3, and Mozilla Firefox 4.
    Development have a look at these pages:
    You can have Dice Widget

    6add127376 halybena

  321. odylbla

    But, as with many other types of medical databases, it needs more features to keep up with advances in medicine.

    Recently, there have been a number of announcements to improve the capabilities of the system. I’ve had a chance to run it, and take a look at some of these new features. (I hope to run additional tests over the coming weeks.)

    Support for local storage

    There are two types of configurations that can exist today: remote and local. The

    6add127376 odylbla

  322. newmzyre

    Certain most recent improvements are also introduced, since April, 2012.

    The HD Trailers application is intended to be neat and useful, providing you with all the movie trailers you have to view in HD. Also, this application is intended to be used on handheld devices and also on SD LCDs.

    Most of the latest update that comes with the HD Trailers application make the app better in every way. Some of the improvements you can notice include:

    – More than 200,

    6add127376 newmzyre

  323. kammtria


    Simple and intuitive user-interface

    Advanced 2D and 3D drawing tools

    40+ basic drawing shapes

    AutoSave feature

    Tip: To enable AutoSave, select the corresponding AutoSave action

    Do you want to draw an arrow, a circle, a square, a triangle or a line? With AutoDraw you can create dozens of shapes in one go. And the great thing is that you don’t need any experience to get started

    6add127376 kammtria

  324. letybia

    In addition to the above, DataSpell gives you access to the Python developer ecosystem. You get a comprehensive package and framework manager that allows you to install and update Python packages and frameworks. The IDE lets you install a Conda environment, which is essentially a container for Python packages. It also helps you access Jupyter, the open-source R-sub-language, and the pandas library.

    I think I’m supposed to add the dependencies now. I did as follows

    6add127376 letybia

  325. roseanet

    Author: Santiago Mckinley
    Santiago has been a technology enthusiast for over a decade. He loves writing about the latest news about software, hardware, marketing, and technology. Along with his contributions to the world of technologies, he also enjoys learning about the art of sketching.

    My name is Colin and I own a company named ProGeeks. We strive to have a fully functional and easy to use tool for people like yourself. We do this by creating a

    6add127376 roseanet

  326. takoard

    The product does not require a long period of time to figure out the concepts taught in its help sections.

    ClipBook is an application whose name gives you a pretty good idea of what its functionality revolves around. It offers you the possibility to store content data in one or more windows that can be opened inside it later. These windows can be of any necessary size, though it is best to keep a small one. Big windows may lead to a reduced date, and that may jeopardize the

    6add127376 takoard

  327. fertmare

    File Kill comes with an intuitive window layout.

    The File Kill interface is pretty fluid.

    It delivers a set of well-designed tabs, as well.

    It offers seven different deletion options depending on the number of passes.

    File Kill lets you select the active options by tapping them in a growing pie-like shaped selection menu.

    The application offers tons of information if you are willing to dig deeper.

    Each tab includes a detailed description of the 05e1106874 fertmare

  328. latalf

    ■ Windows Live Writer will use.doc files as post templates.
    ■ The addin will generate installable.dll file.
    You can download and install this solution in two ways:
    1) Direct link:
    2) ZIP file:

    ■.NET Framework 3 05e1106874 latalf

  329. daynwon

    It provides statistically analyzing the compression quality of the file.

    Of cours, the DivXplayer and YUV Grabber applications were designed to read the DivX and Xvid (.avi) files and play them, and it also analyzes the quality of the compression of the file.

    This software is part of the OpenDivX Project.


    There are three (3) complementary applications provided with this software package. The first is the DivX DRF Analy 05e1106874 daynwon

  330. debzacc

    Supported HD Codecs:
    – h264, h264/mp4, h264/m4a, h264/mp4v-es,
    – h264, h264/mp4, h264/mp4v-es
    – h264, h264/mp4, h264/mp4v-es
    Supported 1080p, 720p, 576p, 48p
    – 720p, 1080p HDTV, 480p, 1080i 05e1106874 debzacc

  331. samiher

    It is very important to keep every aspect of your business running well.
    Having solid software support technologies in place, with a well-maintained website can make your software running smoother.
    But this is just the beginning.
    What comes next depends on the size of your business.
    .A computer system generally consists of a central processing unit (CPU) and accompanying supporting hardware such as memory, input/output cards, communication devices, and peripherals. The CPU controls the operation 8cee70152a samiher

  332. vervis

    The Get Cache Directory tool displays the information for any pages that are stored in the Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) cache but not served by that cache. This tool shows you the items stored in the cache.
    The toolbar of the tool displays a list of the contents of the cache, in a tree. You can view the list of contents in any way that you want. You can compare items, add items, remove items, and so on.

    Passwords that 8cee70152a vervis

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