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Akkuwechsel, Backcover austauschen, Displayreparatur, Home Button, Kamera, Ladebuchse, Lautsprecher, Mikrofon, Powerbutton, Software diagnose


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    Its compatibility with Linux makes things even better, and its dedicated macOS and Windows page-based modes (PDF Print and PDF UI for those two OSes, respectively) make its import capabilities a major plus too.

    Ivan Prassek

    Excellent app! It’s not as advanced as other PDF-consulting apps, so that’s probably why there is less documentation out there.
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    Recomposit Pro is an advanced and versatile image processing application that enables users to process their pictures in various ways.  This allows them to perform various operations on the images before saving them to their hard drive or sharing them with other people via online platforms. 
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    ■ Javascript.
    ■ Windows Operating System.
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    Wednesday, September 24, 2011

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    You also can customize the entire menu bar with new „Buttons“, such as „Show desktop“ or „Minimize All“ and buttons that can launch any program without the need to run Explorer (eg. a YouTube video button for the Windows Media Player).
    Experience the total folder customization the cool way with Nice Folders.


    * Ability to load any icon from any folder in any sub folders, any installation folders, Windows startup folder, desktop, and

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    What more can you ask from a freeware utility?

    Hiren Shah is a software and website enthusiast from India. Being a part of the wonderful community over at High-Tech Garage, Hiren likes to spend a lot of time perfecting software both free and commercial. A computer engineer by qualification with a keen interest in technology, backpacking and literature, you can get in touch with Hiren through Twitter.

    Blockchain: The technology that just can’t be killed –

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    A timer is also available, that says how

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    Library System only sports a 1.5.6 version.Q:

    jQuery ajax – parameter values preventing a post from going through?

    Im using the following code to send a post via ajax:
    echo “

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    Recent changes- Added „enable/disable paste“ context menu actions to the editor to quickly make all/none of the paste options available to scripts- Added „FileHelp“ class that provides some basic help about the file

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  303. oliterr

    Recent changes- Added „enable/disable paste“ context menu actions to the editor to quickly make all/none of the paste options available to scripts- Added „FileHelp“ class that provides some basic help about the file

    A completely new platform with the latest games and gadgets. Find the best apps and apps for Android straight from your device. Buy virtual goods, gift cards and apps. Use Localytics to collect information about your apps and market research. With an Android device, you

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    App’s quality
    Program quality-wise, MyDraw cannot be described as being the most awesome thing in the word.
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  305. jambern


    Unfortunately, CX seems to have been decomissioned by the Java team and is now bundled only on the Android package. It does, however, still have a new user manual.
    SSApp is a cross-platform application developed by Dmitry Khorokhelia that lets you build simulations of the self-organization of a dynamic cellular neural network using the cellular automata rule 205. SSApp then allows you to print out the simulation results.
    SSApp has been around for many years, and has a long history as the precursor to applications like NetLog

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    They pack a light note taking application but have all the elements of a full-featured, and feature-rich note taking application. With thousands of users all over the world, there are plenty of tutorials available via the included help screen and the included GroupNote forums.


    Moo Note is a simple, text based note taking application which packs a nice selection of text formatting and formatting options. It’s free and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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    The process of defining activities and workflows relies on actually defining relationships, since the link available creates an association of any item in the specified list or document with another object of any list or document, deciding whether that is an

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    Other features
    It compares both the new name and the old one, so the user is informed if the file was renamed or not. Additionally, the option to abandon processes in case of an error can be used to abort operations and not risk the integrity of the system. Ren2Title can also parse webpages and modify files‘ names, without the need to modify web pages.Thursday, 30 August 2009

    Group therapy also possibly an aid to recovery

    How patient connectivity can improve

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    P.S. – As a note, I do encourage you to do some intensive research on Timewarp, if you haven’t already. Throughout this review, I’ve already published much more than we usually do, and I’m now also aware I have to be a bit less enthusiastic towards certain product.
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    Show that the rotation of a vector is also a linear transformation


    Let $T$ be a linear transformation of a vector space $V$ into a vector space $V$. Show that the rotation of a vector $v_i$, $i=1,2,…,n$, in the vector space $V$ is also a

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    Otherwise it defaults to the language you had specified.
    GherkinEditor recognizes a large set of programming languages:

    Simple Speditor is an advanced Text editor which supports all features that PyEditor.
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    The application works with both FAT and NTFS file systems, and therefore, no matter what operating system you’re using or what type of computer you have, you’re guaranteed compatibility.
    Complete hard drive scan
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    // Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
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    You will not be able to find a more intuitive application that is this effective. It uses a simplified design and with just a few easy steps, you can start downloading and sharing whatever you want.
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  318. janhali

    The user can choose the installation destination manually by click on open button. After that the installation file will be written to the selected directory.
    ■ The custom-made sandbox application can not be created.
    ■ US only.
    ■ Pocket PC Installation Creator handbook(DOC) is available here, the handbook can also be downloaded as part of Pocket PC Installation Creator(.pdf).
    ■ Forum available for bug reporting and questions,

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  319. jaidxan

    Lumina 3D features:
    – Full inspection of geometry and materials
    – Phong algoritm Shaders (GL_OES_standard_derivatives)
    – Physically based Shaders
    – Additively Shaded Texture Mapped ObjectsRichard Thornhill

    Richard Thornhill (20 October 1817 – 8 January 1894) was a British clergyman and numismatist. A prolific author, he was described as „a treasure trove

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  320. voskari


    You can also hear the composition at 

    Warning: This program might use a lot of RAM and it might take a long time to collect data in case your machine is not very fast. Please read carefully the readme.txt file.
    To make it completely permanent in your home folder just give it an appropriate group permission (e.g

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  322. sopgon

    Whats new

    Version 1.9.1 (28-Aug-2006)
    If you want to change the default printing orientation do not forget to re-install the configuration file.
    Version 1.9.0 (19-Aug-2006)
    include the option to directly print to a COM port
    Version 1.8.0 (15-Aug-2006)
    add support for Linux
    Version 1.7.0 (13-Jul-2006)
    changed the C-Compiler to use a function that works on Windows. Added support for two (and more) printers at once
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  323. valdar

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    It is still under active development and improvement.

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  325. vircla


    Cookie is set after refreshing a page

    So, I’m setting a cookie like this:
    Cookie.set(„username“, customUser);

    And the problem is: I don’t understand what happens when I’m refreshing the page and then the cookie is set as:

    Where is the old cookie from the name I set? Where is the old session in the name I set?

    A: 8cee70152a vircla

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    Final words

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